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Hewitts Loyalty Scheme

Hewitts want to reward our customers for their continued Loyalty with us, so for every £50 you spend online in a single transaction (excluding postage) you will be given a Virtual Loyalty Reward Sticker.


All you need is a total of 10 stickers to earn a £50 E-Voucher to spend with us online!


The 'My Account' section of our website includes a Dashboard that shows you how many Virtual Loyalty Reward Stickers you have collected and in turn the total amount of £50 vouchers you have earned.


Once a voucher is earned it will show a voucher with the value of £50, and no stickers will show if none are remaining (as they have been taken to make up the voucher).


If you have in-store and online stickers you can combine them by adding the in-store stickers onto your online account.


To do so you just need to either send the stickers to us at our store address or hand them in when you visit the store. 


Then we will add them to your online account, thereby combining them together and helping towards your total to make a voucher.


Please note however it does not work the other way around as virtual stickers CANNOT be taken off your account towards an in-store voucher.


Any questions or queries? Send us an email on customercare@hewittsofcroydon.com


How to spend your voucher:


Have you earned 10 stickers online (or in store and added them to your online account)?

You will have a £50 voucher automatically added to your account the moment you earn (or we add) the 10th sticker.


On your dashboard you will always have a virtual voucher that looks like this, until your earn a voucher:

Once a £50 voucher is earned, you will be able to see because it will look like this:


If you earn more than 1 voucher over time without using them, the total will change to £100 or £150 etc.

Due to how our system works you do have to use the voucher all in one go, but if you have multiples they can be used separately.

For example if you have 3 vouchers, you could use them for 3 different orders, you can use them altogether or you could use 2 together and 1 separately. The choice is up to you.


When it comes time to use your voucher the process is as easy as 1,2,3.

1. Simply put whatever goods you want to purchase into your basket (it must be at least £50.01 not including delivery costs).

2. Select either Click & Collect or Delivery as your shipping method.

3. Then just above the total there is a box that say 'Save E-Voucher for Later', click the box and change to the use option.


If you click this you will be able to select your voucher or multiple vouchers if this applies to you.

The save option is there in case you want to wait and use the voucher another time.

The option to use your voucher will only be given to you when the basket has a big enough total in it, so if the order is under £50.01 it will not show the box (this will also happen if delivery is included in your £50.01 total).

Selecting your voucher will then take the value of your voucher off the bill, this is before you move onto the shipping and billing address on the next page.

If you have moved onto entering your address and the money has not come off your total something has gone wrong.

DO NOT place your order if the voucher has not come off the bill in the basket, as we will not be able to apply the voucher to your order once the order has gone through.

We also can't backdate and apply vouchers, as they can only be added on the customer's side at checkout.


So please contact us if you have any issues applying your voucher before placing the order.

Loyalty vouchers have nothing to do with the 'Promotional or Gift Voucher Code' box so nothing will ever be entered in there for loyalty vouchers as they have no code.

Happy shopping!


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